Why Choose Us?

We simplify regulatory compliance with innovative approaches to science and data.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to every client because we have the experience to identify unique opportunities in every ecosystem we study. Our innovations help businesses and regulators achieve their goals while safeguarding our water.

Cost Effective

MLJ is a cost-effective alternative to larger consulting firms. MLJ makes it easier to meet water regulations because of our experience using science to find simple, cost-effective solutions.

Reliable Staff

Choosing MLJ means you’re choosing to work with helpful, reliable people who know how to deliver results. MLJ simplifies environmental compliance because we use science to drive practical solutions.


We bring deeper knowledge of California water regulations. Our innovative use of data and software streamlines environmental compliance and helps our clients and their communities grow while safeguarding our natural resources.

Services We Provide

Water Quality

  • Monitoring program design and implementation
  • Reasonable Potential Analysis
  • Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP)
  • Site-specific objectives/Water-effects ratio

Permit Compliance

  • Permit review and negotiation
  • Permitting services for all steps of permit issuance
  • Water, Wetland, and Cannabis permitting
  • Coming Soon! New State W.D.R. for Winery Process Water Treatment Systems. Check back for permit requirements

Data Services

  • Manage, Maintain, Process Data
  • Map Based Report Graphics/GIS custom applications
  • Central Valley Regional Data Center
  • Processing Spatial and Statistical Analysis

Develop Applications

  • Process, Life Cycle, Software Creation
  • Agricultural Coalition Member Portals
  • ASP.NET Applications
  • Cloud Hosting Via Amazon Web Services

Our Recent Works

Agricutural Coalition Member Portals

An online tool built for the growers in East San Joaquin Coalition to view their membership information, checklist, upcoming events and submit their Farm Evaluation and NMP Summary Report through the online forms.

Irrigated Lands Regulatory Programs

MLJ Environmental assists six different agricultural coalitions with various tasks including management of membership data, water quality data management, water quality monitoring and reporting, and specialized studies required for permit compliance. MLJ Environmental specializes in assisting agriculture with compliance issues involving both surface and groundwater.

American Water

MLJ Environmental created new features and corrected existing features such as property easements, water main lines, well sites, pump stations, and integrated everything into California American Water’s Asset Management software. Approximately 5,000 assets were corrected and modified, 1,000 easements created, and roughly 1700 as-builts were catalogued and geo referenced.


MLJ Environmental assists numerous clients with compliance with permits that range from the Phase II stormwater permit to the industrial general permit promulgated by the State Water Resources Control Board. MLJ Environmental successfully obtained a grant that allows a client to develop a Stormwater Resources Management Plan and is now completing the SRMP for the client.

Bacterial source tracking

MLJ Environmental is working with a client to determine the source of bacterial contamination in groundwater monitoring wells. Using a combination of standard Total coliform testing and Real Time PCR techniques, MLJ Environmental determined the source of the bacterial contamination in monitoring wells downgradient from three regional POTWs.

Nitrate leaching

MLJ is conducting a study funded by CDFA FREP to evaluate the leaching of nitrate past the root zone in a walnut orchard. Leaching is being estimated by measuring the nitrate load moving past the root zone coupled with 1-dimensional modeling of vadose zone processes. The information will be used to advise growers about fertilizer management practices that can effectively reduce the amount of nitrogen moving to groundwater.

Central Valley Regional Data Center

The Central Valley Regional Data Center (CV RDC) is one of the four regional data centers that support the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN). The CV RDC is being managed through Michael L. Johnson, LLC (MLJ Environmental). The CV RDC works with data generators and specifically with the Region 5 Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program to standardize and submit their ambient water quality data into the CEDEN system.

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Meet Our Management Team

Michael L. Johnson, PH.D.


Dr. Michael L. Johnson is the President and Managing Partner of MLJ Environmental. Dr. Johnson brings over 25 years of extensive experience in both academia and industry to problems involving water quality. Dr. Johnson has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Colorado and a PhD from the University of Kansas.

Francisca Campos Johnson, PH.D.

Vice President

Dr. Francisca Johnson started her career in the agricultural chemical industry performing research on cross-resistance of agricultural pests to pesticides. She then took the research experience to the field as a technical representative and then as a senior accounts supervisor.

Melissa Turner, M.SC.

Vice President

Melissa Turner currently manages water quality projects including sampling design, project development and report writing. Ms. Turner's background includes a variety of field and laboratory experience including water, soil, invertebrate and fish sampling, snorkeling surveys to assess fish populations, various laboratory analysis including NMR, HPLC, GC and RT-PCR.

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